Pas’s vulgar has lowered level of politics

If PAS bites, Umno could move in for the kill and eliminate two birds with one stone, making PAS redundant – as Umno will be seen to advocate for both race and religion – as well as throw the opposition off balance due to their indecision on PAS and Pakatan Harapan Rakyat.Malaysia’s political scene has been dominated by race and religion since its inception.Central to this has been Umno’s infatuation with race, and PAS’s urge to build a bridge between this land and heaven in their quest to realise “heaven on earth”.
Umno regime now desperate for survival,s It is entirely within the logic of turbulent democracies that a dream run should be interrupted by a wake-up call. It might be pertinent to note, in this context, that dreams are best shaped into reality with the help of daylight. Among the dangers of darkness is that it obscures the bumps on that twisting road to regeneration. Those who know Najib are aware that, as master of the long game, he is not going to be deflected by the short pass; he will  NOT absorb the stumble and restore his stride towards that horizon .The basic question does not change: who can win? But the answer does. It is dynamic, and roams across multiple options to rest upon the most useful signal to an there can be only one candidate in a seat. For Najib, the central message of 2013 has two principal elements: a credible promise to lift Malay’s economy out of the doldrums of paralysis; and the assurance that it will be an inclusive force that reaches out to all segments of the nation. This is the necessary evolution from popularity to governance. Popularity is possible from negative factors, like rage against corruption, mismanagement, ineptitude, and abuse of power associated with the operations of 1MDB, it appears – according to accounts from the blogging world close to UMNO’s corridors of power – that participants in the assembly meeting may have witnessed an admission of non-transparent and non-accountable political funding on a scale quite unprecedented anywhere in the world. but governance is fashioned by a positive agenda. You are elected by most of the people; you rule for all the people.
Accept the reality and the very serious necessity to thrash these issues out among  then you create your own trouble. You may be happy to see that fellow, but you should cry because by doing that you are destroying the party.
However, neither has been able to champion both race and religion as part of its dogma.
Up to this point, Umno’s true rival has been PAS, not DAP and PKR, and certainly not Amanah.
It is relatively easy for Umno to dismiss DAP by labelling it a “Chinese party” due to its shackles on the mainstream media, while brushing off PKR as a familial organisation focused on Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.Voters who pick between Umno and PAS believe in either race or religion being the fulcrum of their lives.Those who buy that message are not yet sold by DAP’s “Malaysian Malaysia” essence or PKR’s multiracial front.
The two opposition parties have spent a lot of effort focusing on urban areas where the progressive, non-racial ideology resonates with people.Umno and PAS’s battleground, meanwhile, are based in semi-urban and more rural areas where people live completely different lives.While there are naive people who deny it, PAS’s push for the shariah law is accepted by those in the east coast who have been raised with thinking along religious lines.
Ultimately, PAS’s vociferous push earlier this year for the sharia was borne out of opportunist politics akin to that of Umno, solidify its base instead of engaging in a high risk, high reward move after former opposition leader Anwar was incarcerated.
Now, it seems like Najib has taken a leaf out of PAS’s holy book.
 Not tough job to attract PAS supporters Wanita Umno need roll their skirt
He is now trying to close ranks and cement his support in Umno while having his back against the wall with critics from within, and also altering his party’s tune to appeal to PAS’s supporters.
With many of the thinkers of PAS now heading splinter group Amanah, the Islamist party is devoid of ideas and could bite the bait.PKR secretary-general Rafizi Ramli says that PAS is vital due to its presence in rural areas, and while there is truth in that, Umno is also trying to appeal to a similar electorate.Like a thoroughbred racehorse, Umno is waiting for the home stretch before striking with a lightning quick charge.They have done it before. Who is to say they will not do it again?
“I am tired of smiling, after this…” Shahrizat threatened jokingly, rolling up her sleeves to cheering supporters before adding “and I have not even shifted my sarong yet”.
Racy pictures of Shahrizat  modelling during her ,,, ,younger days are going round and making the rounds over the Internet for a couple of months now, but no website seem to have the bio or proper information to the true identity of the model calling herself Shahrizat. While some websites say, she is an upcoming model
of Wanita UMNO

warned the  not to take her  for granted.
“30 years I have served in Umno, and I am still strong. Women, the more they age the stronger they become,” she said.
“Do not think I am weak. I face challenges and hardship. I am not a leader of fair times, I am a leader of hard times.”
“This is a warning to Pakatan Harapan Rakyat. is rude, you think we fear all of you? Who are you?” she questioned feistily.
In UMNO Najib fight, can Pas come to rescue?With Najib at helm UMNO is at its knees.
Malays have handed over their vote as proxy in the hope of  their ecomomy security and some degree of welfare. The first beneficiary was UMNO. That illusion evaporated in stages over corruption and the antics of Najib’s wife Rosmah Mansor, who has openly flaunted vast wealth. Malay support – the backbone of the party – has fallen to 31 percent, according to the most recent  poll, driving UMNO to make common cause with Parti Islam se-Malaysia, the rural-based Islamic fundamentalist party. Chinese support has fallen to less than 5 percent. to be replaced, in phases, by trust in regional formations.What was common is that in neither case did the transfer occur through PAS intermediaries.It is perfectly valid to point out that we do not have proportional representation
MCA will not interfere with Umno’s decision to extend an olive branch to PAS, despite MCA’s fervent opposition to Reaching out to PAS

Hadi has been trying to attract Najib’s attention lately. Now, that Najib has proposed, Hadi should not be shy to accept it. but once. Take it, or lose it.must  ask for a minister post, no less. his lifetime ambition in poiltics to  be a Minister before the next election
Malays understand this, which is why  they has taken over six decades of experience for a murmur to crystallize into a cause. They might have remained content with the status quo if they felt that they were getting economic benefits on par with others. They now realize that instead of an economy, those who usurped their vote left them only with a harvest of fear. The young are tired of clichés. They want education. Their habitat and skills are largely urban rather than rural. They want jobs. They are starved for employment  DAP .understands the curve in electoral equations, and has learnt from what might be called the new template Najib has no willpower to carry his momentum into next election
With the United Malays National Organization’s annual general meeting out of the way last week with his Deputy Muhyiddin, safely intact with and Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak in the saddle as expected,  is expected to set off on a new course a guerrilla making
It is sickening that Umno has been rotting to the core as seen in the recent Umno AGM where the focus is on saving a tainted and inept leader instead of discussing the woes and pain suffered by members and citizens with the spiraling costs of living due to GST and poor governance and fiscal policies!! The bleak business sentiment,poor income for Petronas, the GST woes of small traders and lacklustre/poor housing and construction industries and economic outlook next year is going to hit the poor, youths and the working class hard!! Yet the current Cabinet only offer is to ask people to eat ‘sauce and rice’ to live!! Hopeless indeed is this bunch of Minister

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