Sex inquisitive Malaysian Minister Mustapa Mohamad

As cool as a cucumber

In today’s volatile politics, it’s best to state upfront that what I am about to say has no connection with what the inquisitive Minister Mustapa Mohamad  did. Or the randy  Anwar  rotting in jail. This is about the changing nature of sexual politics, the tragic way in which we have destroyed the fragile relationship between the sexes, the fun, frolic and foreplay.Mars versus Venus was once just another gender joke about the inherent incompatibility between the opposite thisAlvin And Vivian uncaged sex story isn’t a one man show, good sex isn’t just about achieving the end game
Today it sounds astonishingly off colour as the planets spin on their own, lonely orbits. Mars is Mars and Venus is Venus and the way we are going about it, the magic and mystery that once brought them together in mystic confluence may soon disappear, leaving behind a world where all sexual intent will be looked upon with misgiving, doubt or worse.
Bar Council human rights committee member Andrew Khoo today flayed Mustapa for describing the new ministry building as an “inexperienced virgin”, while the old building an old wife who is no longer exciting and is to be discarded.Minister Mustapa Mohamad has been a Misogynist as head of staff, a husband and a father his formula for analysis has become too obvious. Find a woman, ideally the wife, to blame for all problems, political and personal. If you feel like getting on a slightly higher moral ground, there are plenty of other woman targets. Just make sure that the man is the victim and his intentions and decisions do not get questioned. Even better if you make Najib a victim of vicious female conspiracy like Rosmahfemale conspiracy like Rosmah.Minister Mustapa Mohamad’s analogy the new ministry building asan“inexperienced virgin”

PAS deputy president Tuan Ibrahim said Allah tweeted to him to cooperate with UMNO

PAS President Abdul Hadi Awang to be made a minister part of agreed deal  Deputy President of PAS Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man declared that PAS was ready to forget “ancient history” if its opponents were ready to uphold Islamic principles. This, of course, is the problem with most fundamentalists Muslims or religionists of any flavor; they are always interested in ignoring, forgetting and distorting history in favor of furthering their detrimental agendas Of course, another interesting dimension of this rather self-serving rejoinder is that, who exactly are the “opponents” in this equation? The DAP have been vociferous in their objection to the betrayal of PAS – even though many others (including pro UMNO pundits) and I have always been dismissive of the overly enthusiastic political maneuverings of the DAP and its evangelical wing when it came to the Islamic Party and is deep commitment to upsetting the various social contracts formed over the decades.“A man can no more diminish God’s glory by refusing to worship Him than a lunatic can put out the sun by scribbling the word ‘darkness’ on the walls of his cell.”Hell has more definitions than heaven , possibly because more of us expect to end up there than in the other place. A cynic described hell as other people. Men of religion generally promise hellfire for the wicked, an image that rather contradicts the doctrine that the body is terminal and soul eternal. A soul can’t get roasted in flames, can it?One much prefers the blind poet Milton’s insight. Heaven is order, he wrote, and hell chaos. By Milton’s standards, the government of Najib has already gone to hell.PAS has never seemed as helplessly weak as now like UMNO wild weed rooted in corruption. Like an untamed cancer, chaos has destabilized the coalition, corroded governance beyond repair readthisPas coalition compulsions  

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