Najib taming our deathly A-G office with Najib’s puppet Mohamed Apandi Ali as A-G

A crime is a crime. If we are required to ‘close one eye’ or ‘close both eyes’ towards crime, then why have laws in the first place? Why do we need the Police, the Courts or the AG? Just disband the Police, the Courts and let the AG go back to being in goodly spirits.

A mistake becomes a mistake when the outcome of an action is different from what was intended and despite the efforts that were put in. Obviously a mistake happens when there was insufficient knowledge of the risks involved that will cause disaster. You planted oil palms in an area that later suffered serious flooding which destroyed the plantation.It was a mistake because you ignored a river running through the plantation. That would be a mistake. The Police, MACC and BNM will not investigate your mistake as a crime.A crime requires two elements : a niat jahat and then the actions necessary to carry out your niat jahat.  Mens rea to think up a crime and the actus rea to carry it out.
 The question is how many PMs before this
  • set up a company using taxpayers money.
  • got involved with dubious characters.
  • siphoned out money outside the country.
  • then brought it back disguised as ‘donations’.
  • broke their own Bank Negara rules.
  • fired the AG, fired the DPM, removed the head of the SB,  jailed people etc.
All those people were fired, removed, transferred
In other words, 1MDB has clearly stated its inability to comply with the BNM’s direction. 1MDB has failed to state whether it is willing to look at ways of repatriating the money. The way I read 1MDB’s statement is that it is nonchalant about the whole matter. “I have spent all the money and I don’t have the money anymore and so I can’t pay you.” That is in effect what 1MDB is saying.
There comes a tipping point in the destiny of a country after which people find it impossible to keep mum and stomach what they are being fed. When discomfort about the system gets to this level, trouble inevitably follows. Such a tipping point was reached in  Najib’s nerve centre,A-G office , this week, when a well-respected  Abdul Gani Patail was shunted out and kicked upstairs in what was perceived as a punishment posting, designed to belittle an officer with an impressive 20-year-old record of cracking some of the most challenging cases of our times.not going to rake up the controversy here, or go into the ‘real’ reasons for his public humiliation. But going by the outrage expressed by shocked Malaysians across social media, it is obvious that the sentiments of average citizens were deeply hurt by this political stunt. No valid explanation was offered by authorities, except for a weak statement by a bureaucrat who said the sudden step it was established that the RM2.6 billion “political donation” never made it into Umno’s accounts, tabled at the annual general assembly
Najib’s personal income tax records should also be dug up, and compared with the RM2.6 billion which was transferred into his personal Ambank account.
“Ambank was fined RM50 million for a banking offence, but Najib, as the owner of the funds, was not fined anything as far as we know.also
Many prime ministers have come and gone since Najib All of them have come short of taming our deathly A-G office

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