Best of KIMMA Malaysia sex gets Naughty they work their magic with their woman

Mars versus Venus was once just another gender joke about the inherent incompatibility between the opposite sexes. Today it sounds astonishingly off colour as the planets spin on their own, lonely orbits. Mars is Mars and Venus is Venus and the way we are going about it, the magic and mystery that once brought them together in mystic confluence may soon disappear, leaving behind a world where all sexual intent will be looked upon with misgiving, doubt or worse.In today’s volatile politics, it’s best to state upfront that what I am about to say has no connection with what the inquisitive Saheb did. Or Anwar rotting in  jail. This is about the changing nature of sexual politics, the tragic way in which we have destroyed the fragile relationship between the sexes, the fun, frolic and foreplay.Different from Pas unlike  Umno and Kimma which had remained consistent and true to their struggles since inception.”Pas as usual, they ‘sway’ (uncertain). First, they do one thing, then later, they did another. Earlier today, Selangor PAS commissioner Datuk Iskandar Abdul Samad warned  PAS members that aside from traditional rivals, Umno and MCA, the Islamist party should also be wary of a “new enemy Kimma “. However, it is despicable if a man is to sleep with his mistress and tell the wife that he is merely giving advice to the mistress and has done no wrong. It is even worse if that man claims to be a religious leader. PAS qualified to give advice, secondly what advice can they give but on their screwed version and interpretation of Islam which cannot and should not run a country and thirdly who needs their stupid advice ? Why doesnt PAS get their accountants to decipher the 1 MDB heist, the movement of the 2.6 b into najibs account and after they understand what a catastrophe this is, they can advise Najib to step down instead of getting cozy with him in pink. These PAS fellows heads are big but nothing in it.PAS is an Islamic party and not a political party. What advice can they give and to whom? Anyway who needs their advice. Even the muslims don’t respect them any longer because of their hypocrisy. GE 14 will see their demise. They know it so they will not let go of their position in any Pakatan co-alition.

 a refreshing change to see  KIMMA Malaysia President openly flaunt his love for a much younger woman on twitter. Not too many men wear their heart on their sleeve any more. Their sleeves are usually rolled up for work or battle Only an ass will risk challenging today’s fragile balance of power. Simple things, very simple things that were once looked upon as charming, the stuff of legend and lore, are now seen as acts of gender hostility. Wooing someone over a glass of bubbly is fraught with risks. The art of flirting is on a ventilator and will not revive till faith returns to resuscitate the magic of our relationships. War games are fine. But the appeal of any extreme sport tires after a while. So do dotty Facebook romances with emoticons thrown in.

Sexism does have space in KIMMA Malaysia Politics  the forefront of such adulation, have often crossed the line for centuries there has been an unwritten doctrine amongst the powerful and mighty, that trace it onwards from Alexander, Caesar, Napoleon, World Wars, to cut it short. Religions that were predominant beliefs, even a curtailed form of reasoning (if I may be pardoned), defined “ sex”, even derived their might to propagate God’s message through the sword, quite convincingly, even though they probably misunderstood the essence of the Holy message. Man, throughout his as yet deficient evolution, obsessed himself in making others into believers, even before he was to realize the purpose of his own creation

doing a job, which runs the risk of getting compromised  constituencies of people have kept quiet for far too long. And this sort of pampering has turned KIMMA Malaysia into rogues who have come to feel that they can get away with indecent behaviour because of who they are. In a gender equal society where sexism is a crime, The language of love has changed. The grand gesture, the flamboyant flourish, the quick grab, the dangerous flirtation, the violent passion, the desperate love, ablaze with welcoming lights that Nabokov wrote of so eloquently, a mere touch that could ignite an unspoken, unspeakable desire: these have vanished into the dusty archives of history. What we now have are more businesslike, better managed, transactional relationships where people live together in amiable, structured deals, often contractually put together. You read of pre-nups in the West. Here the contract has taken an even more mundane turn. In  Malaysia youngsters contemplate marriage just to get a roof over their heads. Or a Royal Enfield in the parking lot.

What’s the real problem? The romance has gone out of our life and with it, the trust that made it so winsome. It’s a bit late, I guess, to join the blame game. History, culture, religion, gender domination, everything has had a role to play in the changing equation of the sexes. The interplay between innocence, delight and dependence that brought two people together for a shared bedroom (and a shared destiny) is no longer what it once was. Popular culture, music and nostalgia still try to sustain it. After all, there are big bucks riding on it. But fear, suspicion, mistrust have taken too large a toll, bringing in its wake an inexplicable violence. Big bucks are riding on that as well.

Umno secretary-general Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor says Beyond your body language compassionately and seductively Kimma inviting

This, he said, was different from Pas unlike  Umno and Kimma which had remained consistent and true to their struggles since inception.”Pas as usual, they ‘sway’ (uncertain). First, they do one thing, then later, they did another. Earlier today, Selangor PAS commissioner Datuk Iskandar Abdul Samad warned  PAS members that aside from traditional rivals, Umno and MCA, the Islamist party should also be wary of a “new enemy Kimma “


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