Death Fatwa for MCA leaders, a trick of political rhetoric meant to mask their dynamics of racism

The offence is to our our Rubb [God], our Deen [way of life], and our Nabi [prophet].May death overtake him.for the killing of those who have insulted Islam or Mohammed. In 2006, during the height of the Mohammed cartoon controversy, he issued this message [transcript below]:


Patriotism, goes the proverb, is the last refuge of the scoundrel.

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The posting on allegedly implied that Beliawanis chief Tee Hooi Ling used her sexuality to lobby herself as a candidate in the next general election.

Tee lodged the report at the Dang Wangi police headquarters here at 10.30am yesterday.

She was “outraged by the dirty tactics of certain parties which damaged the image of women in politics”.

“We demand that the posting be removed and for a public apology from the author,” she said.

Tee is also saddened by the political environment which “has taken a turn for the worse”.

“Acts of discrediting and shaming a political opponent for political mileage has become the norm these days,” she said.

Death Fatwa for MCA leaders

His baseless anti-Muslim rhetoric that led to The show is likely to grab more ratings and headlines, but really, it’s time to shift gears and focus on the anti-Islam hysteria sweeping over the Malaysia. Islam and the Malays are getting bashed in the press, but thousands, maybe millions, agree with him. Some of them are silent. Many are not. It has become mainstream to bash Muslims.Major polls report increasing fear and prejudice toward Muslims and Islam, and the temptation to view Muslims through the prism of terrorism and oppression remains deceptively easy. MCA star and anti-Islam blogs bash Muslims, Islam or those who support freedom of religion. Public perception of Muslims and Islam is distorted by the media’s disproportionate emphasis on the acts of a dangerous and deadly fraction of Muslims overshadowing the vast majority of mainstream Muslims.

You should be proud you fighting the Malays and Islam if that makes you a hero to the chinese race, that’s the views of the racists.
Not to Malaysians!
Not if 1Malaysia is a true concept!
MCA damaged Indian temples? MCA Chinese ass-kisser.MCA president Chua Soi Lek again resorted to religious bigotry calling on the Chinese community not to vote for PAS candidate Normala Sudirman in the Tenang by-election because the former teacher would not visit places like Chinese temples, and like PKR president Wan Azizah, she would only shake hands if she wore gloves.
“Normala will not come here to a Chinese temple, she doesn’t even shake hands with the people. I have received complaints about this. She is like Anwar Ibrahim’s wife. She wears gloves when she shakes hands. If you can accept this kind of Islamic value, go ahead and vote for PAS,‘What’s so great?’
Despite the storm, Chua stood his ground, saying there was nothing great about knowing the Islamic religious values.
“So what is so great about that? That is your religious value which I don’t know. How am I to know about the religious values when I’m not practising that religion?”
“I have the right to say that it’s basic manners to shake hands with people. That’s my values. Understand? You also must value my value, which is good manners, which includes shaking hands,”

Chua Soi Lek says I can go on fucking spree without fear I fight Islam huduud law to think that this is a very senior man of the MCA, the ‘second’ partner in the ruling coalition, Barisan Nasional, talking. And yet he speaks like this. I shudder to think what the mentality of the other Cina kwei in MCA must be like. God help this country!

MCA president Chua Soi Lek appears to be on a warpath, defending his criticism of Muslim women who chose not to shake hands with the opposite sex for religious reasons.
In an angry reaction to questions from reporters, Chua insisted that the norm practised by many Muslim women to avoid skin contact with the opposite sex during handshake was contrary to “basic culture and manners to shake hands”.
“I have been in the public life for many years. It’s part of the basic culture and manners to shake hands,” said Chua, who also scolded a reporter from online portal Malaysiakini, which first broke news of Chua’s attack on PAS candidate Normala Sudirman.

CYBERJAYA, – The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has been urged to investigate the blog over alleged lewd images of Beliawanis MCA chief, Tee Hooi Ling.

Wanita MCA secretary, Senator Chew Lee Giok slammed the blog for spreading lies that Tee had used her sexuality to lobby as candidate for the general election.

Chew who is also Selangor Wanita MCA chief said MCMC must act fast so that the images and articles could be removed from the blog.

“Efforts must also be done to prevent the blog from further publishing the embarrassing images and articles that tarnish Tee’s image and reputation,” she said after accompanying Tee to lodge a report at MCMC headquarters here Friday

Fish, said Mao Zedong, do not swim in pure water.  Sex hungry Soiled Lek  Maoist but he should, by now, know a thing or two about swimming upstream. He could, of course, point out that pollution is not very good for the health of fish either.
MCA  response to a scandalous mess is neat and categorised. Cash and sex are the north and south pole of mass interest, each with a sprawling magnetic field. We divide the hemispheres with the equator of logic. Cash and corruption are the preserve of politics. Sex is the province of glamour. We refuse to recognise any cross-over evidence.

Confucianism buddhist monks travelled to be milked by MCA

Talk about history repeating itself … we have seen in China before when Eunuchs in the Tang Dynasty took over political power for a time, and now we are seeing the same happen in Malaysia, where these unelected self-styled Soiled Lek (unelected = Eunuchs, no political power in reality), are trying to hijack political power that is not theirs to wield.

This also brings to attention that the BN govt is now totally bankrupt of ideas, and is totally impotent in rallying political support, and henceforth is getting more desperate by the day so they are essntially mad drowning eunuchs clutching at straws to try to save themselves from drowning after having created the 53 years old tsunami that now is engulfing them Morality is the product of the evolutionary development of man and society. Morality is always relative and never absolute. Within the framework of our society, we chose our own, personal code of moral conduct MCA has belatedly realised that using terror as an instrument of party policy has brought it close to bankruptcy. Whoever wins the next general election will seek cooperation not confrontation with Muslins, despite the rhetoric over morality. The party has no constituency or goodwill left. Islamic fundamentalists are feared but reviled.

Who's the racist? Odd that MCA doesn't know Sinar Harian is a Malay paper - Zairil

In an article in The Star published on 11 April 2012, Penang MCA Secretary Lau Chiek Tuan called for the Chief Minister to stop politicising education by allegedly threatening to withhold funds to Chinese schools that subscribed to two Malay newspapers Utusan Malaysia and Berita Harian. He then added that the Chief Minister’s alleged threat went against the spirit of racial unity.

Firstly, how can the Chief Minister be accused of politicising education when he did not make any reference to political newspapers such as Harakah, Suara Keadilan or the Rocket? By stating his support for Sinar Harian instead, the Chief Minister is merely pointing out that the latter’s reporting is widely regarded as more objective.

Secondly, Lau mischievously comments that the Chief Minister’s remarks went against the spirit of racial unity because the Utusan Malaysia and Berita Harian are Malay papers. Perhaps Lau is not aware, but isn’t Sinar Harian a Malay paper as well?

Look at who’s politicising

In any case, the Chief Minister’s original remarks of supporting Sinar Harian instead of Utusan Malaysia and Berita Harian were made in jest and never meant to be a threat in the first place. It is the MCA who is politicising the issue by twisting his original statement to paint the Chief Minister as a political opportunist and a racist.

What is really inexplicable is the fact that the MCA would even deign to support Berita Harian and Utusan Malaysia, especially when the latter is well-known to adopt a racist and often malicious line of reporting.

Utusan wanted May 13 to be celebrated as a sacred day

After all, Utusan Malaysia is merely the print-media extension of UMNO’s narrow and racialised agenda that seeks to divide the people and worse, to cultivate a culture of fear amongst the Malays with the Chinese as their ultimate bogeyman.

Lest we forget, it was Utusan Malaysia who called for the tragic events of May 13 to be celebrated as a sacred day. Is this the kind of thinking that the MCA feels should be perpetuated among schoolchildren in Malaysia?

Submitted by

Confucianism buddhist monks travelled to be milked by

related article

Dear Sir and Madam,

We are Myanmar group in Malaysia; we lived in Malaysia over decade and always went to one of temple(SAMNAK SAMBODHI BUDDHIST ASSOCIATION) No:- 19 Jalan 38 Taman Desa Jaya, Kepong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and we were very sad and regretting with the committees of temple because they are using our monks in wrong conception of Buddhist teaching or Buddhist rules. We came to temple to help our monks and respected of our religion.
That temple is president of name:Yip Kum Fook(MCA Gombak Chairman) , that our monks said and he is invited our monks from Myanmar to in charge of that temple but without pay anything to our monks, added he and his not respecting of our monks and sometime he ordered of his people to collected item such as paper, mineral water etc. without inform any words to our monks. In our religious believed we can’t take anything of holy place, if we done we are sin.

In pervious, our monk said the committees always asked money from him, when our monks gave RM20,000.00 in cash on 2001 to the committees, then committees keep silent, later committees make problem with our monk again and cancelled of our monk Visa permit to stayed in Malaysia, then our monks( Sadayaw Nandiya) go to Australia and our monk not come that temple at long time. Datuk Yip Kum Fook(MCA Gombak Chairman) gave our monk notebook computer for to cover of that amount of money our monk said.

Many local people around temple said, now no more people come to this temple because committees is always make problem and we are heard from local people said: Yip Kum Fook(MCA Gombak Chairman) ordered of his people to put fire of Hindu Temple at Taman Daya, Kepong because he needed that place to make his business about many years ago. Everybody had known what he done for Hindu temple at Taman Daya, Kepong. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Last time also he invited police to arrest the monks at holy place(temple) and locked the temple without afraid and shameful of people because he believed committee is big and has more authority, also his son always say to people: this temple is belonging of his father. This temple donated from public, we are work hard for this Temple

This temple the committees always changed the monks, now they change the new monk to in charge of temple, this new monk also complaint the bad things of committees because committees also wait for donation box only, they without help anything to our monks. And committees controlled of our monks not to talk more or complaint more, our monks lived there as slaver and afraid of committees members.

In new building where remaining of Buddha statue marble; we have renovation of Buddha statue because that Buddha statue is put very low, we lift to highest the committees don’t like and unhappy. In our country, anyone be able to come temple to worship the Buddha but in Malaysia is different temple controlling by committees.

We hope everyone preserve of Buddhist teachings, and please safety of our monks, not see only money as this of temple. When we asked some of our people (Myanmar) and local people, the committees are very low of idea because is very narrow mind and without education of religions. And committees will not disturbing of our monks, monks are like our father to take care of Buddhism and temple is like our place of resolving of our problem.

Recently, our monk (Sadayaw Ashin Indaka original from Mandalay, Myanmar) has been staying in this temple also unhappy because the committees are not pay anything to him, he is working in hardly to advise people and we also unhappy and very sad when heard the bad news from our monks. Sometime the committees people came and shouting in the temple without have any reason and done what they need to do, our monk said, the committees of this temple don’t have Buddhist teachings in their mind, may be next time Buddhist can destroy.

From Myanmar Buddhist group in Malaysia..

Morality is the product of the evolutionary development of man and society. Morality is always relative and never absolute. Within the framework of our society, we chose our own, personal code of moral conduct MCA has belatedly realised that using terror as an instrument of party policy has brought it close to bankruptcy. Whoever wins the next general election will seek cooperation not confrontation with Muslins, despite the rhetoric over morality. The party has no constituency or goodwill left. Islamic fundamentalists are feared but reviled.

Last weekend, two white men went on a shooting rampage in Tulsa, Oklahoma, killing three African Americans and wounding two others. One of the men, Jake England, has suggested the slaughter was meant to avenge the death of his father at the hands of a black man who was not among the killed or wounded. Four days prior to this, one of my students, in a class presentation on American journalism that touched on the civil rights movement of the tumultuous 1960s, innocently used the phrase “race war”.

I say “innocently”, because he didn’t possess a full understanding of that phrase’s racist pedigree. He merely tried to capture the tensions and frequent pangs of violence that sprang from that historic uprising. Black Americans mobilised in great numbers to demand that the United States live up to its values and grant the blessings of liberty, equality and justice to all, even Americans whose ancestors embodied the diametric opposite of freedom.

What my student, a self-identified liberal, couldn’t have known is that “race war” is a trick of political rhetoric that at the time was meant to mask the dynamics of racism – who was on the receiving end, who on the giving end. Political spin takes on the weight of history if it’s repeated enough, and journalists are great at repeating political spin, especially when that spin helps satisfy an item on the checklist of journalistic writing: balance. Balance requires presenting both sides of the story as if they are equal even if they are unequal. Balance, at least in theory, gives the appearance of impartiality but in practice it can distort more than it reveals.

I touched on this recently when I wrote about the media’s use of the word “clash” to describe conflicts between law enforcement and protesters of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Last fall, cops in cities around the United States were dressed in body armour, face shields and helmets while wielding various and sundry forms on “non-lethal” weaponry like pepper spray, rubber bullets and sonic grenades. Protesters possessed nothing of the sort. “Clash” implied equal forces, but protesters were targets of police violence. “Clash” not only concealed this reality, but gave credence to the movement’s opponents who claimed Occupy Wall Street was merely a carnival of thugs whose calls for justice were illegitimate.

“Race war” similarly distorts reality when used to describe, say, conflict between black protesters and Alabama state troopers in 1965. Protesters marched from Selma to Montgomery during the peak of the civil rights movement andpolice deployed the “non-lethal” weaponry of the day: fire hoses, batons and dogs.

“Race war” was often brandished as a threat to civil libertarians. Demands to end to apartheid laws in the South, they were told, would spark a race war. Translated: They’d unleash more white violence. Of course, that was half true. White violence had been part of the African-American experience since Europeans brought slaves to the colonies. The only thing new would be a resurgence of white violence. A threat certainly, but hardly a new one.

Representing reality is problematic

As I say, my student didn’t know any better, but it was a happy accident that provided occasion to discuss how representing reality is problematic even when you mean well. This led us to a brief talk about “racism”, a term that can also be redolent of false balance. It can obfuscate who’s doing what to whom and its use can put ideological debates about race on the road to nowhere.

Everyone agreed the shooting of Trayvon Martin, the Florida teenager killed by a neighbourhood watch volunteer, was tragic, but liberals and conservatives disagreed on what caused it. On the left, racism was ultimately to blame. Why else would the shooter, George Zimmerman (who was recently arrested), spot Martin walking around a gated community, call the police, follow him and then later shoot him? On the right, race had nothing to do with it. This was a case of horrible judgment, bad policy and a tragic wrong that should be righted.

These are two views of racism. In one, racism is a concrete social force that exerts power over individuals. In the other, racism is an abstract universal human failing like any other that can be overcome with the right attitude. While the liberal view is often exaggerated, the conservative view does not account for who is doing what to whom. In this case, a half-white man killing a black boy.

The conservative view of “racism” is ambivalent, unmoored from history and freed of its long association with white violence. This has given rise to laughable locutions like “reverse racism” of which conservatives regularly accuse blacks whenever they rage against the racist machine, as Al Sharpton and others did in the wake of Martin’s death and the fact that justice did not prevail.

Yet when conservatives say race doesn’t matter, what they are saying, hopefully without meaning to, is that white violence doesn’t matter – and obviously white violence matters. In US history, blacks did not lynch whites with the blessing of the establishment, but whites did lynch blacks in the name of white supremacy.

Conservatives rightly say blacks kill more blacks than whites kill blacks. But that’s another one of those false equivalencies that hides what’s really going on. Black violence, even on those very rare occasions when whites are its victims, is scary and unjust, but white violence, especially when the victims are black, echoes through the web of history and can terrorise African Americans into submission. That’s been the historical purpose of white violence. If explicit laws and pernicious social norms didn’t control you, then the threat of violence did. That’s why racism is not about race so much as power – who has it, who doesn’t, what’s done with it and why.

And power is often above the law. Zimmerman and the man who killed Jake England’s dad are equally protected under a similar law that allows you to “Stand Your Ground” when facing life-threatening situations. Neither man was changed, because both claimed they acted in self-defence. But that’s where the similarities end. Trayvon Martin’s family has appealed to public opinion for justice. Jake England appealed to his gun. The present is a product of the past. To take white supremacy out of racism is to willfully ignore that reality.

Forty-four days late, justice finally showed up for Trayvon Martin and his family. Florida Special Prosecutor Angela B. Coreyannounced yesterday that she will charge George Zimmerman with second-degree murder for the shooting death of the unarmed teenager on February 26 in Sanford, Florida.

Many attributed the belated charges to a national outcry and widespread outrage expressed through protests and prayers as days, and then weeks went by with no arrest or indictment in the shooting. President Obama expressed sympathy for the victim’s family,noting that if he had a son he would have looked like Trayvon Martin. Attorney General Eric Holder launched an investigation and Florida removed the case from local police hands.

Corey said she had made no promises to the victim’s parents as she weighed the decision to charge Zimmerman, but did discuss what her office could do if Zimmerman went free “to make sure your son’s death was not in vain.” By nightfall Zimmerman surrendered to police and became a criminal defendant.

Martin family attorney Daryl Parks told MSNBC talk show host Ed Schultz that he is confident Zimmerman will be convicted once all the evidence is heard in court, but he added, “This family is not gloating.”

It’s not just about Trayvon Martin, social justice agitator Rev. Al Sharpton declared. “It’s about ‘Stand Your Ground,'” the “justifiable homicide” laws passed in more than 20 states, beginning with Florida. Deaths have tripled in some states under these legally permitted killings based on fear and, in many cases, prejudgment of the victims. Many protesters dressed in “hoodies,” the hooded sweat shirts worn by athletes, toddlers and grandparents, but widely associated with gangster behavior.

The death of this young black man has dominated news coverage and social media since about a week after the shooting. We have all at some point watched the news coverage on 24-hour cable news networks. Rallies have been in held in Sanford, Florida, where Trayvon was slain, in Washington, D.C., New York City and in scores of other cities and on many college campuses. The rallies help shed light on what looked to be a person escaping the rightful processes of judicial system. In effect, Trayvon became the symbol for a longstanding pattern of excessive violence against young black males in the United States against police and others who see them as threatening and criminally inclined. Some have compared him to Emmett Till, who became a spark that ignited the civil rights movement when he was tortured and murdered in Mississippi in 1955.

Trayvon Martin was shot as he walked home through a gated community, carrying a bottle of iced tea and carrying a bag of candy. Zimmerman, 28, a neighborhood watch volunteer, apparently confronted him while he was on the phone with his girlfriend at about 7:12 p.m. He reported the teenager’s presence as “suspicious” to police in a 911 call, but did not cease following him as the police dispatcher advised.

Residents who heard or saw the confrontation also called police, so much of the incident was captured on tape, including gunshots and cries for help. Travon’s mother said the calls for help were her son’s dying cries. Zimmerman told police that Martin attacked him and he shot in self-defense. Police arrested and questioned Zimmerman but released him. He remained free until April 11. The victim was taken away by ambulance and his body identified in the morgue the next day after his father reported him missing.

For those in the black community it was a story heard far too many times. The Trayvon Martin case re-opened old wounds for black Americans, most of whom see the case as a clear instance of murder. So often black males are stereotyped as dangerous because of the clothes they wear, or perhaps their swagger. I do hope the nation has learned one lesson: I do not deserve to be shot for wearing a hoodie.

What have we learned is very clear, that the need for racial healing is still greatly needed. I have been calling for a national town hall campaign on race for years.

Every year or so, a high profile case of apparent racial prejudice, often ending in violence, erupts in the media. Remember Rodney King, Abner Louima and Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates? Even fame and wealth could not shield Bill Cosby’s son from this pattern.

The uneven system of justice that disproportionately incarcerates young black men by the thousands sets the tone for targeting those on the outside. This case underscores the consequences of America’s long avoidance of our painful racial past. The old unhealed wounds penalize all of us. Let’s face up to what this case has uncovered: the deep divide that continues to haunt America.


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